This is Regional Elder Pastor Lou ( Wop ) Imbrogno who resides in the Vine Grove KY area.Originally from Brooklyn NY spent 5 years in the Marines and 16 years in the Army retiring from Ft Knox Ky. Spent 10 years in a National MC and 11 yrs as a 1%er before I answered the Lords calling on my life. The Lord blessed me with my beautiful wife Robin who has supported me through all of my life changes. I am now the Senior Pastor of Rushing Wind Biker Church Louisville KY also the bass guitar player for the Christian rock band A New Day and most importantly the Midwest Regional Elder in this awesome motorcycle ministry Bikers For Christ of which I have been a member for 20 yrs now. I have been a local member chapter elder then state elder before taking over the Midwestern region. The good Lord has blessed me and my family more then we ever desired. The more I learn and work for the Lord the more I learn how wonderful and loving our God is. Will it always be easy no but he has a plan for everyone’s life. He calls us and excepts us just the way we are. He is with us always all we need to do is answer the call. God Bless you all.