Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow road warriors!!  My name is Robert Bean, aka “Souljerboy.”  I started with BFC Louisville KY as a member in 2008 and then chapter elder for Louisville. I am currently blessed and called to be Kentucky State Elder for Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry.  I am the Associate Pastor of Rushing Wind Church in Louisville Ky, the BFC and motorcycle friendly church located in Hillview, KY.  I also get the pleasure of being the  lead vocalist for the BFC KY band “A new Day.” 

I work for a medical equipment company and have been traveling the world for over 20 years now and love that I get to serve the Lord both in my career and at home!
I have been blessed to have remained married to my lovely wife Teri since 1992. We have raised two wonderful young men. 


Outside hobbies when I am not doing ministry work or riding would be that I love to hunt and fish and then smoke and cook the meat I have been blessed enough to harvest.  
My favorite commandment and how I live my life is according to John 13:34. 
God bless you all and I hope we can ride together someday to share the Gospel!